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5 Times You Should Never Use Your Intuition

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend of mine. She'd met a man online and wanted to know my opinion.

As an intuitive, I usually get a good read on people and events, and friends and clients have relied on my skills as a intuitive guide and transformational teacher to support them during life's challenges. But, over the years, I've learned that there are specific times when I should never use my intuition.

1. Energy drain - We are all energy. Every exchange you have with individuals or groups (whether conscious or unconscious) can potentially feed or drain you, in some way. One of the biggest lessons I've learned, over the years, is discernment in who I choose with whom I choose to share my energy.

2. There's a catch - in this scenario you hold the key to the recipient’s salvation. Trouble is, you are somehow attached to the outcome.

3. The setup - Similar to the catch, you play a role by willlingly sharing your intuitive message. But, in this scenario, the person asking is so caught up in their own ways of thinking, they are merely seeking more ways of validating their own errant opinion. Watch out for this situation as you will end up the loser every time in this blame game.

4. Obligation - It's important to honor your gut instincts and protect them, as well. If you feel forced to share something based on an obligatory expectation, you can potentially

5. When it would cause harm to another person - Just because. You receive a message does not mean you should share it. Many sensitive people receive information that is not only not asked for, but also not welcome. It could be that the person receiving the information is not ready for whatever you have to say or that you are not supposed to be the bearer of whatever news is being delivered.

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