“I watched your igtv videos for the first time today, and I wanted to tell you that they are truly a blessing. I'm not "religious," although I consider myself somewhat "spiritual." I like to blend my pagan background with my husband's Buddhist beliefs, and that works really well for me. Anyway, I suffer from debilitating anxiety, and your videos are so soothing and calming. I bet they could calm me down from an anxiety attack — they're that good! Thank you for doing what you're doing.” - Elly

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Tricia's inspirational recordings have received
1.5 million streams and downloads internationally.

Each of us has at least one divine gift to remember. The moment we wake up and retrieve the memory of who we are and what we are here—on earth—to do, the adventure begins.

The Gatekeeper's Guide Series include three minute mini-retreats that deliver wisdom beyond measure. These beautifully simple recordings of rituals tap into your own divine guidance and have been complied the 23 time award-winning YA SciFi Mystical Adventure “Moa Series.”

Easy to follow imagery brings the esoteric to you. Your power lies in your intention to: Release Embedded Fear, Remove Obstacles, Divine Angelic Guidance and Unearth Your Intuition. Each ritual includes a do-it-yourself recipe for a supercharging unique essential oil blend. 

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This excerpt is from the PROTECTION ritual from author Tricia Stewart Shiu's "Moa," Book One of the the award-winning YA, Metaphysical, Science Fiction Moa Book Series".