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The Power of Ritual

What makes a ritual powerful? Intention.

We all perform rituals every day: from making the morning coffee to driving to buying groceries or even to going to the dentist. Here’s what happens: We say we’re going to make the coffee, we make the coffee and then we drink the coffee.

How is that a ritual? You ask.

1. It starts with an intention: “I am going to make the coffee.”

2. The intention is followed by an action: Making and drinking the coffee.

3. Completion: You feel energized by the coffee.

To take this a step further, say you want a new job, but don’t feel qualified. By performing a ritual to remove the energetic obstacle between you and the new job, you create a new path to receiving information about how to achieve your go and stand a much better chance of getting that job.

You can listen to my ritual, “Removal of Obstacles” to get a sense of how my rituals work.

Rituals sometimes are repeated, but don’t have to be and one thing is an absolute, they are a part of everyone’s life. So why not make them count? The above example sounds like mindfulness and, in fact, you could make coffee in a mindful way, however, ritual takes mindfulness a step further.

By practicing a ritual once, you can change your life in immeasurable ways. If you continue that practice on a daily or weekly basis, you deepen and strengthen the transformation.

If you have any questions about how rituals work or even about the specific rituals just go to the About/Contact section and send me a message.

Remember, the most powerful part of your actions is your thoughts. Remain positive and you exponentially create success in your life.

Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 25 time award-winning author, speaker, and metaphysical intuitive. Author of the award-winning YA, SciFi,Mystical Adventure, MOA SERIES & the GATEKEEPER'S GUIDE SERIES featuring 3 minute mindfulness recordings.

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