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An excerpt of an interview with best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canfield.  To view entire interview, click here.

Maximize Your Car & Shower Moments Wherever You Go!
Intuition in Business, not only offers a way to cut through the emotionally charged clutter present in every workplace, but it also invites the reader to reconnect with his or her self in a brand new way, which is individually connected to each situation and gives clear indisputable guidance.
Intuition in Business offers a fresh and unique perspective, as well as practical applications for creating and deepening an intuitive connection, with miraculous results.

Unlock your innate intuitive powers to: 

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Communicate better

Read people and rooms

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create success

in every situation

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 Tricia recently rocked her mojo with Deborah Kagan and a whole bunch of #mojolicious femmes in Los Angeles 

Tricia Stewart Shiu

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