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"Tricia Stewart Shiu is a terrific guest! As the co-host of Corporate Talk, I loved discussing the role of intuition in business. Tricia seamlessly and passionately makes this topic accessible to all listeners. She is knowledgeable, personable and brought a fresh viewpoint to our show. I highly recommend her!"
- Eva Lewandowski 
Co-Host, Corp. Talk with Charlie and Eva

"Tricia has everything you could possibly want in a guest speaker ... She knows her profession well and she knows her audience well.  She is enthusiastic about her work and genuinely loves to talk to the kids about it. As we know from working with kids, enthusiasm is contagious.  As she displays her excitement about writing, the kids start to pick on that and get more excited for their projects, too."

(Read full review here. See video of presentation here)

 - Craig Dunlap

Teacher, Nepris Client

Speaking Topics

 Trust Your Gut:
3 Easy Steps To Unlock Your Innate Intuitive Powers  for Leadership Success
 Using Intuition in Relationships: Trusting Yourself First
Tapping Into Your Intuition for Business Negotiations & Money Mastery
Mastering Intuition for Health, Wealth and Relationship Success
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