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Voice-Over, On-Camera & Author 

Award-winning Voice-Over Artist

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1.5 Million Recording Paid Streams/Downloads

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Bestselling, Award-winning Author (35 and counting)

Award-winning Author and Speaker Tricia Stewart Shiu

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Tricia Stewart Shiu is a 35-time award-winning author. Her imprint, Human Being Publishing, has produced international bestselling, award-winning novels ranging from her YA, SciFi Mystical Adventure, Moa Series, to Women’s Fiction with her award-winning Bestseller, PLEASE HOLD. The Moa Series, (MOA, STATUE OF KU and IRON SHINTO) has garnered praise from both critics and the general public for groundbreaking themes and fresh approach to story structure.

Tricia and daughter at Moa book signing


Tricia Stewart Shiu has built a thriving business speaking about Intuition and all that it can bring to enrich her fan’s lives. Her dynamic keynote speeches both inspire and open a door to action. Her message is simple: Everyone has the ability to connect to their intuitive powers and these abilities can not only create success in health, wealth and relationships, but they can also save a lot of time, heartache and, in extreme cases, save lives.

Tricia Stewart Shiu Public Speaking


Tricia Stewart Shiu is a fully vaccinated and boosted and is a credited Actress and Voice-Over Artist in television, radio and film. Her recordings have received over 1.5 million streams and downloads, internationally. She has worked with companies like: Hallmark, Amazon, PepsiCo, UPS, Adobe, Ancestry, UNICEF, Honeywell, AMC Theaters, The WAVE and Walmart.

She has a soundproof, in-home, professional studio With Source Connect Standard.

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Speaking Topics

 Trust Your Gut:
3 Easy Steps To Unlock Your Innate Intuitive Powers  for Leadership Success
 Using Intuition in Relationships: Trusting Yourself First
Tapping Into Your Intuition for Business Negotiations & Money Mastery
Mastering Intuition for Health, Wealth and Relationship Success
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